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I’m surprised this item brought such strong dollars with so much damage.

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This exceedingly rare garland was produced by Beistle in 1923 to augment a display that would include either a Halloween elf or the fairy clock - or both. I’ve seen a complete garland only once before - when I purchased it perhaps 20 years ago. I’ve sold individual segments here and there but have never seen a complete garland at any other time in any other collection. So, if you love Beistle, this is a must-have item.

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What a true delight it is to see something so astonishingly rare on a forum that has been so denuded of much of interest over the last several years! This is only the second time I’ve seen this nut or candy tray design with the proper trays associated with the envelope - ever. The only other time was when I acquired the example in the collection in 2007. Interestingly, that example is different from this one in packaging design and quantity. The stock numbers are sufficiently different that I’m wondering if Beistle issued this variant first with the one shown on page 221 second after an interim of several years. Perhaps Beistle dusted off a design used for one season to save precious capital during the first few years of the Great Depression. I speculate… What I do know is that this is something that Beistle collectors should covet. Open those pocketbooks and wallets! This listing is worth it.

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I believe the envelope and the broomed witch cut-outs are fake. I have a vintage set in the collection and there are material differences. The problems I see are many: the image on the envelope isn’t centered; the image of the witch intrudes on the Dennison logo; the feet of the witch are blocky, lacking all of the detail present in the authentic example; the envelope differs in size from the authentic example; the envelope appears to be made from a coarse paper; the envelope is constructed differently from the authentic example; the flap isn’t shaped the way Dennison shaped their flaps; the cut-outs lack the detail present in the authentic examples, especially in the outline of the cape. I would tread with caution. Ask this seller many questions. If someone buys this, feel free to send it to me for my perusal. This seller has also listed a fence with an envelope with the stock number missing. This latter set has been reproduced. A very discerning collector in North Carolina bought such a set and sent it to me for my perusal. I concluded it was a fake. He managed to get a refund. Whether this was the seller for that transaction is unknown.

07/30 Update: This listing, containing items I believe to be faked, ended at $61. Whomever bought this, I invite you to contact me to arrange shipment so that I may inspect this in person.

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Dennison rarely strayed from packaging their awesome wares in boxes and envelopes that have become familiar to collectors. For reasons I don’t know, they sometimes switched things up with their packaging. I’ve had this same set in the collection for many years. It is one of two seal designs packaged in a non-traditional manner. (The other is a tiny box of simple JOLs.) These seals and the box rarely surface. Collectors may have been confused by the packaging, accounting for what I consider a low ending result.

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Those industrious Germans produced jointed or articulated highly embossed skeleton diecuts in three sizes. The 27” version surfaces regularly. This seller auctioned one of these that brought $188.75. This 37” version is much less common - and the ending price reflects this fact. The largest one of all measures 50” and almost never comes up for sale. It would probably crest $1000.

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This is a smart way to list similar items. Chein used their party scene imagery on a plethora of tin litho items: tambourines, horns, ratchets, clangers - you can pretty much name it. Some forms are more common - like this pair. This imagery on a concave clanger is less common. Whether that makes it more desirable is a valid question!

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NEAR MINT RARE Vintage Halloween House of Fate Fortune Paper Card, Whitney 1930s

I love the House of Fate fortunes issued by Whitney during the early 1930s. What I’ve discovered about these little design treasures is that every single one I’ve ever examined is subtly (sometimes very subtly) different than any other. If you compare the one being offered for sale by this wonderful seller by the ones shown on page 278, you may think it is identical to the one shown at middle left or bottom right. You’d be wrong. For reasons I don’t understand, the lines comprising the windows are subtly different as are the lines and shapes of the lowest roof border. (Take out a magnifying glass and see for yourself.) Now, in terms of value and desirability, I acknowledge this is a distinction without a difference, but isn’t it a mystery? Why would Whitney have printed so many meaningless variations? That said, these are VERY desirable items. It’ll be fun to see what this brings.

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Vintage halloween Sign Grim Reaper Skeleton Right this way and watch out RARE

Gibson produced this fantastic non-embossed diecut during the early 1930s. I’ve now seen this three times. Given that the hand is neither detached nor missing, the ending bid isn’t outlandish, especially given the visual statement this piece makes. Gibson differentiated itself from its better capitalized competitors, Beistle and Dennison, by bold designs that catch the eye even nearly a century later. Their output was far less than their named competitors, so it may be a while before another surfaces.

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Vintage 1920s Halloween Party Mechanical Fortune Placecard

What a great item. I am tantalized by the last photo the seller included showing the box from which this mechanical place card came. Wow! I would have been a bidder but was away in an area of Montana where the connectivity was spotty. Darn…

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This result boggles my mind. This plate, nice as it is, surfaces regularly. It typically brings significantly less. I am happy for the fine seller, but c’mon.

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The seller states that this tin litho tambourine “needs” a new home. One way to hasten the finding of a new abode is to offer it at a reasonable price. It is being offered at $500 with an invitation to make an offer, a sure tip-off that a seller knows the asking price is ridiculous. I’d say a reasonable offer given the softness of the market segment is in the $250-275 range.

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07/21 Update: This sold for a respectable $910.

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Vintage Halloween BEISTLE Witch Mechanical Invitation with Envelope

This primitive set of mechanical invitations is arguably among the earliest Halloween items Beistle offered on a retail basis. If you look at the last photo this seller includes, you’ll see what I wrote about the set in my third edition. Every example I’ve seen of this envelope - and I have seen ~30 examples - has the same handwritten strikeout over the printed quantity with the same number, 5, handwritten on the envelope. I don’t know why this was done, although my theory is that the quality of these early offerings caused Beistle senior management to get rid of excess inventory as quickly as possible without the added expense of reprinting the envelopes. I speculate…

07/23 Update: Surprisingly, this didn’t bring strong dollars - $72.

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I wonder why these wonderful Dennison tallies don’t bring more money? They’ve long seemed to bump around the $12-20 range per tally. The design is great and the maker’s Halloween output is coveted yet the value on the secondary market hasn’t budged even though the general small paper market segment has grown white hot. These market anomalies are puzzling.

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